Subject RE: [Firebird-general] stop-sign problems
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> []On Behalf Of Helen Borrie
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> >Try F-Prot (, very reasonable business
> >licences (<5€ each PC, minimum 10) and very fast performance, you won't
> >notice it's there.
> It seems to be connected to Stop-Sign. Take the
> link through from the "F-Prot Alert service" item
> and you will get a full-screen pop-up of Stop-Sign's main page!!

I know we are drifting from FB, but this list allows one to drift for some
emails. First, the on-access scanner in f-prot is the worst I've seen for
Windows. Lots of crashes and their configuration options are a joke when
compared with other vendors. However, the on-demand scanner is pretty good.

Second, Helen, I'm surprised you got that. Are you sure you aren't infected
by some adware program? This is typical behavior of popping-up other
(competitor) companies offerings on top of the site you are visiting.
There's nothing suspicious on the alert page's sources either, so I think
it's your computer.