Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Sessions from FBC2005 etc. are now online
Author marius popa
On 3/13/06, Christian Stengel <christian_stengel@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> >
> > For using IBExpertLive, you need a firebirdconnection via
> > internet using port 13050 to our server on IP
> > If it does not work, please check first your firewall settings.
> > For reporting other problems with IBExpertLive, please use email
> > ibexpertlive@.... There might be some videos that are
> > not working now, even if they are on the list.
> >

Can i put the news on ? now is all OK?

thanks Holger for the great work :). Unfortunately (not really ;) ) -
> I'm a Linux only user - so executing the .exe is a little bit hard for
> me.

Same problem with me , I'm on Ubuntu Dapper Drake ,
Maybe i can try wine ...later

Is it possible to get a "dump" from the database or is it possible to
> access the videos with a non mircosoft operating system?

Thatwould be great


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