Subject Re: MySQL 5.1 Beta is now here!
Author mailmur
> I like the page format (highlighted). Me take notes for PR

"Embedded Server
The MySQL server can easily be embedded in applications by directly
using the MySQL server library. Used in this form, MySQL doesn't have
to be installed on any server or end user workstation. Standard
applications for the embedded server include small devices and public
kiosks. The embedded MySQL server also has the advantage of running
faster with these types of MySQL applications since network
connections aren't used and data is not passed between the application
and MySQL. Version 5.1 of MySQL now includes the embedded server as
standard within MySQL."

This was new to me they have embedded solution. I have one intranet
java application where we use an embedded db. First I tried firebird,
but then moved to hsqldb database and have been happy with it. But now
as rowcount increased its becoming a bottleneck due to a singlethread use.