Subject Re: MSSQL comparison
Author mailmur
> > If anyone has valid ammunition that I can take to a client
> > that is making a
> > fuss about Firebird performance on Windows compared to MSSQL I would
> > appreciate it (as it is likely to save me porting our application). We
> > currently run with Firebird 1.5.2 / Jaybird 1.5.5 and would
> > potentially have to port to SQL Server 2000 / jTDS.
> >

I have run MSSQL2000 server with Opta2000 driver. I have found it more
capable than Microsoft own jdbc driver. Although Opta2000 is
commercial but a relative cheap for enterprise use.

MSSQL has a lot better sql query support than Firebird1 or FB2, better
maintenance tools out of the box, performance is good, better support
for enterprise solutions such as replications, linked servers, an
excellent DTS package tools for business intelligense/dw services.

But it run only on windows and might become an expensive solution once
you start deploying it and ask Microsoft and say many client access
licenses you need.