Subject Update firebird's image
Author nagypapi
A few recommendations to stir the sleeping part of firebird up a little:

1. Don't know about 2.0b, but the ICON of the firebird server in app
mode in the taskbar and the icon of the guardian's shortcut does NOT
link graphically with (a) firebird. If I'd be you, I'd use the control
panel applet icon for these too, but If there is any problem with
that, I'd announce a firebird icon contest, with the winner winning a
mug, tshirt or something. I'll ask my designer (if he finally has some
spare time) to create one, if you'll go with the latter to start it.

2. I know the site was updated not long ago, but still I think it
needs a bit of a revamp. For the design I'd try another contest, with
the winner this time getting something bigger (like Helen's book
dedicated for example). A contest has the good property of showing how
much people are interested activly in helping for free. And you don't
have to accept any one if the foundation doesn't like it.

Though I'd really like to put up the question of there being any
thought about changing the above mentioned things? Or am I just
ramming a real thick wall

Tr. John Gerevich