Subject Re: Who uses Firebird?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> And those are typically the ones who want to keep their mouths shut.
> One of our support customers is a large and I mean large US bank with
> a very well known name running at least 10,000 instances of Firebird.
> However as per the support contract I am not allowed
> to divulge. Apologies.

Well, but an anonymous case study would be possible, right? The main
thing we have to reveal are technical parameters, like what Helen did
- number of transactions, failure tolerance, number of installations,
etc. That would be better than nothing.

> Another customer is a major Russian exchange - they moved to Firebird
> about a year ago from InterBase 4. People may know the name, but
> details - again I cannot divulge without permission and theres more
> :-)

hmmm... ok, there are not so many Russian exchanges are there, so we
probably won't include that one, or at least we should skip the
"Russian" there, right?