Subject Who uses Firebird?
Author Carlos H. Cantu

It seems that many people have problems with some customers when they
sugest the use of Firebird instead of SQLServer, Oracle, etc.

Many companies are afraid of using FB, because it is not "famous" and
probably they never heard about it.

This can be easily solved creating a public list of big or famous
companies who actually uses FB, so you can say: "Look this! All those
great companies uses Firebird and are happy with it".

I can compile such list, but I need the help of everyone sending me
information about those companies, number of max. connections,
database size, FB server model, small description of the system(s)
using FB, server OS, server hardware.

Note that I just want "big" examples, so I sugest a filter to include
only companies that fits in any of the following criteria:

(DB size > 20GB) OR (Max. Connections > 100) OR (number of deployed
servers > 100) OR (Company is VERY famous)

What do you think?