Subject Re: Who uses Firebird?
Author Carlos H. Cantu
I have a list in tabular format at FireBase, just with Brazilian
companies... it is more or less what you are requesting, see:

Clicking in the company name brings more details about it.


--- In, Dariusz Zelichowski
<z_darius@...> wrote:

> A list like that would need to include some of the important fields
(number of users, database size, daily/monthly data volume etc),
preferably in tabular format It could be of more value to those
"shopping" around, as well as for the FB PR. I realize that a similar
list it available at IBPhoenix but each entry is mostly a bunch of
words where you have to fish for the respective stats. Hard to find
the trees in the forest. Sometimes the stats are not even there at
all. Not IBPhoenix's fault but the fact remains. Users need to be able
to scan each entry very quickly for relevant stats of each entry, and
then proceed with reading the blurb, if any. This would be in the
spirit of general web page design - you have only so many (actually
very few) seconds to attract the user's attention.
> That approach would not preclude smaller users, and yet could prove
of greater value.
> d.