Subject Re: Who uses Firebird?
Author Carlos H. Cantu
I didn't say it would be easy :-)

Maybe explaining what is the purpose of such list, as well the
benefits of it for the project may change their mind.


--- In, "Paul Beach" <pabeach@...> wrote:
> > Yes Ivan, but those lists includes all kind of companies... I want
> > only the "big" ones, or the ones whose names will cause good
impact ;-)
> And those are typically the ones who want to keep their mouths shut.
> One of our support customers is a large and I mean large US bank with
> a very well known name running at least 10,000 instances of Firebird.
> However as per the support contract I am not allowed
> to divulge. Apologies.
> Another customer is a major Russian exchange - they moved to
Firebird about
> a year ago from InterBase 4. People may know the name, but details -
> I cannot divulge without permission and theres more :-)
> Regards
> Paul