Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Firebird money matters
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>>>Not to mention the strange postings that indignantly proclaim that
>>>money is not the issue, and then proceed to explain in detail that
>>>things don't get done because there aren't enough resources.
>>Ah! You think that money can buy everything. :-)
> Money certainly can't buy everything, but it does help when you need to pay
> someone to implement a new feature or two.
> Lets face it, its not that expensive to join the foundation (currently
> US$50) it is a price WORTH PAYING for *ANYONE* who uses Firebird, especially
> those who make money on the back of it.

Yup. And if one can't afford a voting membership, I would argue that an
associate membership in combination with purchasing an item (Norwegian
items, especially cookies) at the conference auction at the price of
another associate membership should be fine then.

> Si Carter
> Happy Firebird Foundation Member ;-)

A happy firebird foundation member (oops, I've seen my subscription fee
is overdue) and a happy owner of still quite some rolls of Norwegian