Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Re: Firebird money matters
Author Si Carter
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> > Not to mention the strange postings that indignantly proclaim that
> > money is not the issue, and then proceed to explain in detail that
> > things don't get done because there aren't enough resources.
> >
> Ah! You think that money can buy everything. :-)

Money certainly can't buy everything, but it does help when you need to pay
someone to implement a new feature or two.

Lets face it, its not that expensive to join the foundation (currently
US$50) it is a price WORTH PAYING for *ANYONE* who uses Firebird, especially
those who make money on the back of it. Making the foundation membership
more obvious to more people is always a good thing. But this was mentioned
in another topic very recently.


Si Carter
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