Subject Re: [Firebird-general] MySQL to Fight Oracle With Fire(bird)?
Author Dennis Mulder
Paul Beach wrote:

>...the project started without Jim, ran without Jim and will continue to run without Jim. Firebird 1.5, and 2.0 were developed by other developers and any other statement is a disservice to Dimitry(s), Vlad, Claudio, Alex, Paul Reeves, Pavel, Ann H.,
>Nickolay, Adriano, Helen, myself and many others who should all be appreciated for all the work that they put in.
>Mot to mention the work done on the drivers...
As long as the 'outside world' - i.e. potential users - is aware.
I don't know if it has already been done, but it may be a good
opportunity to have a press release (from Firebird's side) to all those
magazines that reported on this story. It should at least convey Paul's
message (as above). I really don't know who is in charge of this side of
the project. But now the story is 'hot' and we have attention in de