Subject Re: MySQL to Fight Oracle With Fire(bird)?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I certainly agree with all you wrote, and that includes respect to
> Jim, and other developers of the Firebiird. My point is that
> Firebird continues to have some serious PR and Image (l'image)
> problem. What should have been handled openly, is now leaning
> towards a post facto "damage control".
> Overall it's been a funny scenario:
> MySQL lacking in features is known even but those who know little
> about computers in general, while techincally superior Firebird, is
> still confused with a car or a browser. And that's among web
> developers too! ;-)

Well, this is called PR-department and we don't have one. We are not a
company, but a true open-source project - group of individuals that
pursue the same goal. This is our strong point and our weakness. So,
since we don't have PR department, we have only one choice to win - by
our quality in software, documentation and support.

So, yes, we need to do some "damage" control, or more correctly
explain our personal positions, because there is no entity that
controls what is being communicated in public - everybody has his own
opinion and expresses it freely.