Subject Re: Get a copy of The firebird book for £0.99
Author Simon Carter
--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith
> > But this book would be a appropriate weapon for self-defense!
> > At least I don't wanna get hit with it on my head ;-)
> >
> > Luc.
> >
> >
> And I think if you put it in front your chest, you will have a bullet
> proof protection :-)

It probably would stop a bullet its that thick. Not that I intend to
start dodging bullets any time soon!

> Now talking seriously, I will miss your posts Si. Good look on your new
> journey

ooh, I aint not leaving development all together, I still have dnfBB
(the ONLY community forum designed around Firebird) and
will continue, i'll be an annoying hobbyist :-)