Subject Re: Firebird money matters
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Nagware is not appreciated by anyone, least of all those who have
> alrady committed to the foundation in some way and I doubt that we
> can create an installer clever enough to work out who has
> contributed and who hasn't. That, imo, pretty much rules out adding
> an extra screen to the install process.
> So the issue becomes how can we integrate info about the FF into the
> installer without intruding on the functionality? I'm going to to
> take a look at the idea of adding billboards to the windows
> installer. However, the install is so quick that this may not be
> very useful. OTOH, billboards, if they could be made to work, would
> open up a revenue opportunity. I can imagine that some 3pt suppliers
> might want to pay to get an ad to appear during a million installs.

Just an idea.

- add a "call home" feature, like in OpenOffice. It will just perform
an HTTP request; let the user to specify an email in the registration

- after receiving registration, send a nice email with FF ads.