Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird money matters
Author Martijn Tonies
> This has been a very interesting thread that has gotten me thinking of
> I should've been doing all along. I have an app on the market that is low
> volume sales but typically (fairly) high dollar sales. I'm going to
> the line item that reads Firebird RDBMS N/C to Firebird RDBMS $100-$1000
> depending upon the sale amount (user counts range from 2-75, 75 is a very
> decent dollar amount). Whenever I sell the product whatever amount the FB
> line item states will be forwarded on to the foundation.
> I've bought the developer CD but that hardly seems enough. I've got
> customers running their entire business with FB as their backend which
> was stated earlier, they don't really know that and/or they just don't
> They just want the app to run.
> Anyhow, I think if we could all do this (or a good percentage of us) this
> would greatly help out. I know my business/industry can support this.

Kevin, excellent way of dealing with things!

Martijn Tonies
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