Subject Re: MySQL buys Netfrastructure
Author paulruizendaal
> Even assuming that there was universal agreement to move
> Firebird to Netfrastructure, there's so much legacy blr
> dependency that the move would take years.


The blr intermediate code in dynamic SQL processing could be eliminated
without legacy issues and the blr for triggers and stored procs could
be replaced by a new byte code (just like I had to do for PL/SQL).

The only legacy issue would be preprocessed ESQL applications. Over 90%
(over 98%?) of FB apps are DSQL based Delphi, VB, PHP, Java, etc.
applications, so the legacy issue would not arise. Old ESQL apps could
stick with FB2 and FB3.

Debates around roadmap, copyrights, etc. would be harder to solve than
the technical issues.

What am I missing?