Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Isn't it ironic, isn't it a shame....
Author Dariusz Zelichowski
Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:>"Ironic"????

Yes. Sadly, it is ironic that you would make a post on an error generated by MySQL/PHP, when the subject has nothing to do with Firebird, and when Firebird is so hard to set up to run with PHP under Linux. The irony is also in that MySQ is years behind Firebird and yet nearly everybody around the net knows what MySql is, while Firebird is still predominantly confused with a browser, or a car.

> Why on earth would there be any "word from official FB channels on
>the subject"? Firebird-PHP has a list and a wiki - isn't that enough for >you?

To make it possible for many more people to use Firebird and get towards that much needed critical mass of users, perhaps?

I honestly think FB/PHP/Linux is an important, and unfortunatelly neglected, condition of FB's success.

>Perhaps you would care to share your experiences of the witchcraft
>and good luck with others coming along behind. That's how the
>knowledge gets around.

When I could, and knew how, I contributed to that knowledge (see my posts on the relevant list-serv). As of now I don;t know. I have been hunting for tips for a couple months now. I have been using FB since day one, and I will use it asd long as it is practical. But guess what will potential newcomers do; there is MySQL and there is Postgres, all ready to run under PHP and Linux.

The "this-is-open-source-so-fix-it yourself" attitude can get us only so far.

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