Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Isn't it ironic, isn't it a shame....
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:25 PM 19/02/2006, Dariusz Zelichowski wrote:
>Nah, that is not so ironic.
>Years ago I read somewhere that "if you think a software package of
>respectable size contains no bugs then you need a shrink".

Database unavailable error on MySQL's own website seems pretty ironic to me.

>Helen, with all respect, what I find more ironic is your posting,
>while getting Firebird to work with PHP on pretty much any Linux
>distro is a mix of witchcraft and good luck. Hardly any word from
>official FB channels on the subject, save for some people's notes on
>using FB and PHP under Windows any time someone asks for PF/PHP/Linux help.

Why on earth would there be any "word from official FB channels on
the subject"? Firebird-PHP has a list and a wiki - isn't that enough for you?

Perhaps you would care to share your experiences of the witchcraft
and good luck with others coming along behind. That's how the
knowledge gets around.