Subject IB roadmap
Author paulruizendaal
Borland have a taped session of the IB marketing and R&D team talking
to customers at their last developer conference:

It sounds to me like the customers are pretty pissed of and recent
announcements probably did not make them any happier.

The team claim to have a 24 month road map, with incremental backup as
the main theme. Customers have to sign an NDA to see what it looks like.

The marketing guy claims that the Deploy group (defined as Visibroker,
Borland App Server and InterBase) is important to Borland revenue and
that InterBase is an important part of Deploy. In 2004, Borland had
revenues of about 200 million, with Deploy about 25%. This suggests
that IB is 200x25%x25%, i.e. around 15 million, to make the above a
true statement. Or he is exagerating... product managers have been
known to do that.

That reminds me of a story. A product manager once claimed that a
number of VAR's were supporting a fancy new feature. Later he was
confronted with the fact that there were none. Well, he said, zero is a
number too.

Does anybody have stats on IB revenue figures? Recent, old, very old?