Subject Very old article about Interbase
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Hi there !

I found this article two years ago, now it is almost 10 years old, I
found it again today and I think it's worth a read.

take a look on the end of the article:
"One necessary observation, however, is that Interbase has not changed
much lately. Apart from advances in its SQL, internationalization, and
ODBC support, Interbase release 4 doesn't seem to have many new major
features. The features I have described in this article have been in the
product for a number of years. There was a time in Interbase's life when
it was technologically streets ahead of the other RDBMS products -- at
that stage it was probably too far ahead for the database buyers to
comprehend. It seems a pity that it has not kept that technological
advantage through the various takeovers and mergers. In addition, it
seems to grow more and be used more on the smaller, single-user PC-type
platforms than on the midrange-type machines on which it originated. I
wonder when we are going to see Interbase develop and advance again.
When will it grow in the midrange server market again? Or will it just
stay the database industry's best kept "little" secret?"

here is the link:

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Alexandre Benson Smith
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