Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Bank of Brazil moving internal systems to Firebird
Author Artur Anjos

>> My portugese is minimal at best, but from the web page I get the
>> impression that is not so much about the internal systems of the bank,
>> but about the e-banking packages for customers of BB. Is that correct?

Sorry for the late reply. That's correct, the page is for applications
provided for the bank for external users.
Adding some extra info to Alexandre's post, this information went from a
bank employee that actually receive it by internal mail.
I believe that if they are providing external applications with
Firebird, they could be using it internally as well.

For a Firebird point of view, it's great that a Bank (and a big one like
this one) is providing Firebird applications to there customers. "Trust"
is the key: it's clear that BB trusted Firebird as a solution to there
customers. On another point of view, more Firebird databases will be
around, and that's the best way to promote a database "format". And so
on... :-)