Subject Re: Interbase vs Firebird..
Author Doru Ilasi
--- In, Svein Erling Tysvær
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> --- In, "cowmix3" wrote:
> > I was as some trade show this past day and a vendor there told me
> > that Firebird has been horrible for reliability for his clients and
> > that Interbase is much more stable. Can anyone spell out the
> > differences between the modern Interbase vs Firebird? I thought
> > they were basically the same.
> Are you sure it wasn't the opposite way around, i.e. that the database
> told the clients how horrible the vendor was for reliability? Joke
> aside, I think the first things the Firebird developers did was fix
> lots of errors in InterBase 6.0, e.g. trying to connect to a database
> on C:directory and C:\directory was perceived as two separate
> databases, easily corrupting databases. Firebird has also changed the
> default from forced writes off to forced writes on. That means slower
> execution of queries, but you don't get a corrupted database with
> power outages. My impression is also that Firebird is (or at least
> was) more conservative about adding new features than InterBase, i.e.
> Firebird doesn't release features unless they work and fit with the
> general design.
> One thing that may seem horrible for clients at first, is that
> Firebird refuses to execute ambigous requests, and produces an error
> rather than attempts to guess what the user intended to ask
> (admittedly, it does overdo this a bit - at least in some versions).
> So quite a few programs that work with InterBase (although possibly
> yielding wrong results) will fail with Firebird. I have to say that I
> haven't used InterBase since 5.6, we upgraded our production database
> from InterBase 5.6 to Firebird 0.9.4 and have never regretted that
> decision. InterBase has probably improved considerably since then, but
> Firebird 0.9.4 was undoubtedly a better database than InterBase 5.6.
> If the vendor had said something about performance, features or
> support, he might have had a point for all I know. Attacking Firebirds
> reliability when comparing to InterBase simply lacks credibility.
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Also we "upgraded" :) our erp from Interbase 5.6. We have Firebird-ed
our clients since 0.9.4 and nor we or them noticed ANY KIND of problem
in the field. Every new version release was in the field ASAP. May the
vendors be blessed with more wisdom and respect when they open the mouth.