Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Interbase vs Firebird..
Author Daniel Rail

At May 27, 2005, 13:30, cowmix3 wrote:

> Hmm.. So after reading this thread.. it seems like Borland did a
> one-time dump of their code... then it SEEMS like they cherry pick the
> parts they like from the FOSS version of Interbase (Firebird) and
> graft those changes on to Interbase.. but the most part they are not
> sharring any of their "new" features back with the Firebird
> community.. As time goes on, Firebird and Interbase will be more
> different than similar.

> Do I have an accurate view of the situation?

I'd say yes. Already there are differences between IB7s and FB 1.5x.
And, they're going to be even more different when Firebird 3 comes
out. Just a little history, if you don't know, Ann W. Harrison is
married to Jim Starkey, the original creator of Interbase. And, Jim
is currently working on the Vulcan project, which is supposed to be
the base for Firebird 3(FB 3 is the merging of Vulcan and FB 2).

And, part of the Firebird team are some ex-Borland employees that
worked on Interbase.

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