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Author Bernard Devlin
> True, but aren't they bundling Sqlite with PHP5 rather than MySQL or
> have I missed something.
> Regards
> Paul

And Apple's OS X 10.4 is bundling SQLite with the OS
logy_Overview/AppTechnology/chapter_5_section_20.html) - SQLite db
files are one of the three formats that OS X's CoreData can write to
(the others are binary and XML).

Runtime Revolution is a company that also produce a development tool
for cross-platform applications (, and they
are also now advertising and promoting a third-party database library
for SQLite

Real Basic have just bought the company that provided an integrated
version of SQLite and a server version of SQLite
( So it looks like
SQLite is more of a competitor for Firebird in the OS X and cross-
platform space.

Also, I believe that Gentoo Linux chose SQLite instead of Firebird
when they were designing their Portage system.

I looked at SQLite a couple of years ago, and I liked the way that
they were so up-front about its limitations - they were very forward
in saying exactly which SQL-92 features it didn't have. Their speed
comparisons with PostgreSQL and MySQL were also quite impressive.

SQLite is a bit of a strange phenomenon - I don't see it getting much
promotion (or even mentioned in db comparisons) but over the past two
years, it has gained a lot of traction in many different areas.

Hope that is all useful info...