Subject Re: [Firebird-general]
Author Martijn Tonies
> > > Sqlite Versus Firebird - Firebird is open source, cross platform,
> >embeddable, has wrappers for many language. Firebird is a full
> >> featured database and has a footprint of 2-3 MByte. A good choice when
> >SQLite is too lite. Firebird can be used free of charge even
> >> for closed source projects.
> >
> >Well, that's a nice thing to say :-)
> >
> >I remember last year I took a quick look at SQLite... but indeed,
> >it was _very_ lite.
> >
> >And silly.
> >
> >With regards,
> >
> >Martijn Tonies
> Yes, it is _very_ lite.
> But not silly at all.
> If you need a quick single-user, low-volume database that allows SQL
> queries vs. having to deal with dbase-style tables AND you need it
> cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac), SQLite is a wonderful solution.
> SQLite also stores all tables in a single file which we find to be a
> big advantage when deploying/maintaining databases.
> Firebird cannot yet address precisely the same problem space since
> the embedded version is not currently available outside of Windows
> (or at least I know it is not available on the Mac).

As I said in another post - it probably solves some peoples needs.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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