Subject Re: Slogan list----> where to next?
Author paulruizendaal
Hi all,

First of all a BIG *thank you* to Nigel for making the list and to
Helen for putting it into sensible categories.

I am not sure how to understand Helen's question about trimming: I am
sure you do not want to say that we all make a trimmed list and then
merge the trimmed lists again, but that is how it reads to me.

Miroslav's suggestion is probably the best: we first do a poll for
each category and take the top 3. Perhaps a few small categories
should be combined for voting purposes. This process will result in a
shortlist of about 30 options.

We can then do a poll on the 30 options to get a feel for which ones
are front-running and then take some time to think with that
information in the back of our heads.

Does that sound like a plan? If there is a lot of manual work
involved around setting up the polls, I am of course willing to help.