Subject Slogan list----> where to next?
Author Helen Borrie
Hello all,

The following is an attempt to group the slogan suggestions. There are far
to many of them currently to make a poll. I guess we have to come up with
some way to trim the list down.

It's my impression that "our best slogan" isn't here. I think that if we
can find some way to trim this list down to about 20, *the* slogan is
likely to emerge from focusing our thoughts on the concepts/images
preferred by most.

btw, when replying to this, PLEASE TRIM RUTHLESSLY !!


8< -------- Trim from here ------->8

Fire theme
Nobody will get Fired for using Firebird!
Fire in the wire
Fight fire with Firebird
Fizz with Firebird
Tired of fighting fires? Get Firebird
The Burning Hearth of Database Technology

Something Special
ACID Tested, Admin Approved
Optimistic by nature, through generations
Powerful, Reliable or Easy? Pick any three
Where others got their tricks
RDBMS that's clever in ways the rest aspire to
More with less
More more with more
A Silent Revolution
A Database that Sings
A Database that truly grok your data
We grok your data
We build Excitement
More than database
Inspired database
Smart technology
Proven solution.
A database with vision
Inspired Technology
Proven Technology
More than Technology
More than Solution
Born to be clever

The Power theme
Bring power to your hands
Bring power to your office
Powerful, powerful but easy
All of the power, none of the fuss
Power with ease
The ultimate Power
Power by turn of a key!
An orchestra of opportunity, a symphony of power
The ultimate power of Enterprise SQL RDBMS
Database power with peace of mind
Database power without the pain
Free database power without the pain
Pure Power
Empower Yourself
Let the force be with you
Power Unleashed.
A Powerful Ally
Unleash the power within
Unleash the ultimate power
Power to the people

Pretension & Hyperbole
Simply the best!
The World's most Reliable Open Source Database
Doing SQL the right way
The only database that matters
The real alternative to [MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQL Server]
The name behind open source databases
THE database
The DataBank
Productivity Unleashed
Performance Unleashed
The High Performance Database, no DBA needed
The only database you can trust

The powerful, compact, reliable Open Source Database
Powerful, compact, reliable, free
The High Performance, Low Maintenance Open Source SQL + {Engine|Server|RDBMS}
The Internationally dependable Enterprise SQL Solution
The true face of Open Source Firebird SQL server: Embedded. Workgroup.
The enterprise ready, open source SQL database
Community tested, Enterprise approved open source SQL database
Community tested, Business approved open source SQL database
Reliable, Powerful, Simple, and FREE
Reliable, Powerful, Solid, and FREE.
Powerful, Reliable, Uncomplicated and FREE
Are you ready for more? More stable. More capable. More value. More
performance. More flexibility. More excitement.

The Business choice
The Enterprise choice
The choice of champions
The Professionals' Choice
What else?

Flattery and Cajolery
Be Professional
For real business !
Real Business, Real Fast, Real Results
Only for smart people
Be smart
The right tool for the job
Do it right first time
Are you thinking what we're thinking
The creativity centre
Grok with us
Do you know what you're missing?
Ready for more?
Generate Something
Achieve Something
Be Cool!
Great idea!
Are you ready for challenge?
Stand out from the crowd!
Great minds think alike

Free as beer/free as birds
Full Featured and Free
Full Featured and Truly Free SQL Server
Complete Quality and Totally Free SQL Server
Full Featured and Totally Free for everyone SQL Server
Everything you need and free for everyone.
Fast, Featured and Free
Freedom: From Worries, From Loss, From Cost
Freedom: From Loss, From Cost, From Worries
Zero Limit, Zero Cost
No Limit, No Cost
No Limit, No Cost, No Problem
A database with no limits and no cost
Priceless Firebird
The best free lunch in the world
The Price of Independence? $0.00
No Limit, No Cost, No Problem
Limit Free, Cost Free, Problem Free
Unlimited Freedom
Be free
Freedom and Power
DB Freedom: From Worries, From Loss, From Cost
Be Free
Break Free
Be Free at Work
Free your Work
The data freeway
No strings attached
No fine print
Born to be Free

Take Control of Your Data
Take Control of Your Business
Take Control of Your Future
Take Control of Your Cost
Take Control
Take control of tomorrow
Prendre contrĂ´le de l'avenir
Prendre contrĂ´le du futur
Tomorrow's database, today
The Database of tomorrow, today

The Flight theme
Soaring high, soaring wide, soaring free
Just take off
Just fly away
Flying ahead of the flock
Reborn to fly
Soar Beyond Your Dreams
The Wings of Freedom Flown Across the World
The Wings of Freedom Across the World
The Wings of Freedom

Database Management/Preservation
Managing databases the right way
Fun Database Management.
Progressive Data Management
Data, Data, Data
Securing Data!
Where your data [matters/counts/lasts]!
Data management, the open source way.
Data Management the Firebird way!
Data preservation the firebird way
Preserving your data
Your data safe in our hands
Keeping your data safe
The free SQL Database for keeping your data safe
Keeping your data safe with Open-Source
A database to store your own
Professional integrity
Made to last
Enduring Excellence
Data Endurance
Data evolution.
Standing the test of time!
The resource friendly database
Your Data Vault!
Like a Rock!
Solid as a Rock!
Solid SQL!
Rock Solid
The One to Trust
Reliable SQL!
Solid SQL
Rock Solid SQL
We Will Rock You
Put SOLID back in SQL
The database you can trust
Trust your data with Firebird
Trust your data
You can trust your data
Depend on your data
Rely on your data
Your data's keeper
Database you can commend your data [to]
Trustful solution
The trusted solution

The Legend theme
the living legend
The *S*QL *Q*uest for a *L*egend
The Legend Reborn
Up from the Ashes
Reborn to be be free
No ordinary egg
LEGEND - Now and Here!
The legend continues
Meet the Legend
Unlock The Legend
A legend in its own lunchtime
SELECT the trusted Legend
The Legendary DataBank
Legend reborn <sub-slogan> Take Control of Your Business
Legend reborn <sub-slogan> Take Control of Your Future
Legend reborn <sub-slogan> The Wings of Freedom Across the World
Your business gone for a loop? Arise from the ashes with Firebird!

Carefree theme
Stability proved by time
Reliable Open Source That Lets You Sleep At Night
Simplicity of the complexity
Lock and Load!
Plain sailing
What -- Me Worry?
Simply clever
Solution that works
Just works
Low fat, high calorie RDBMS
Enterprise ready
Always On
Hassle free, by design
Trust Firebird SQL to deliver - every time!

Scaleable SQL
SQL Everywhere
SSE (Scaleable Server Everywhere)
Embedded to Enterprise

SQL theme
JOIN Firebird! Don't be LEFT OUTer
Fb4Me - Query Me Why
I *heart* it | Firebird: Query me why
The Sequel
The SeQueL
SELECT the trusted solution
Select NAME from RDBMS
where Licence_Cost = 0
and Licence_Restrictions = 0
and Administration < 1
and RUNS_ON in ('Win32', 'Linux', 'MacOSX')
and is Reliable;

Non sequitur:
The enterprise SQL-ly yours
MySQL on steroids
'Nuff said!
Another one bites the dust
oohhhh yeah baby!
Promotional Prospects
The only way is up!
Too hot to handle
If you can
The Oracle has spoken!
No need to bring a towel
The Ford F150 of databases
Because we care
Think outside of the box!
Take the red pill
Take the fire pill
There IS Such Thing As A Free Lunch
Is Not A Harsh Mistress
We Also Walk Dogs!
Not built like a sausage