Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Client Licenses against Firebird
Author Lester Caine
Paul Beach wrote:

>>but given that 5.6 was
>>never totally finished
> Eh?
>>( you are using the *5.1* client so that events
>>don't mess things up ! and which bits of 5.5 were needed to complete a
>>totally stable installation? ) I would say that removing *ALL* the 5.6
>>servers would be a good move anyway. At which point you can switch to a
>>more current and reliable client (Firebird's) without any licensing
>>restrictions and without any potential problems when upgrading.
> Sorry Lester, you have completely lost me here.....

In order to get Events to work without crashing when closing the
applications, you had to use the 5.1 client. And I had - I think - the
5.5 message file to solve another niggle. 5.6 did not work fully out of
the box - and the problems were not fixed.

IB6 was supposed to be fixing those niggles, but fortunately we got the
first Firebird build before I had to deployed it. ;)

This was 5 years ago and a lot of gray matter has died since then, but
I'm sure the original notes on 5.6 niggles are still around somewhere.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services