Subject Ameritrade CIO on open-source, smaller arrays
Author marius popa
"Hirji spoke with Computerworld this week about the consolidation with
Datek and how Ameritrade has slashed costs by replacing high-end storage
arrays with midrange equipment and using open-source technologies."

"My personal belief is something like 90% of all databases out there
right now could be replaced by open-source, because most of the database
applications that exist are a very simple databases with a thin-layer
application on top that says, 'Do a query, or do an insert.'

You don't need the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in an
Oracle implementation or Siebel or anyone else to do a lot of that
stuff. Do you need them for Sun applications? Absolutely. But not for
the vast majority of the stuff. So we're marching down the path where
we're replacing a lot of our databases with open-source databases.",10801,101574,00.html


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