Subject Re: Summarising the slogan list
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
--- In, "Johan van Zyl" wrote:
> Let's use the pope selection policy, and we keep voting until we see
> the white smoke.

Hmm, I do not favour locking us all into a (chat) room until the
selection is made, nor that we should require 2/3 of the votes the
first 30 times we make a vote (and then go on to a simple majority
vote). Though I guess that if we made our kettles produce white steam
once a selection is made, that would be silly enough to give Firebird
a tiny bit of publicity (or even better - gather outside the
"headquarters of IB-Phoenix" awaiting the kettle to be lit)...

Arriving at a slogan isn't a simple issue, one of the problems is that
we cover such a wide target group. Compared to Oracle, a slogan like
"Firebird - let your DBA sleep at night" could be OK, but it would be
quite meaningless in the market where MySQL flourishes.

Oh well, for the time being I think I will use:

Firebird, the sloganless database
-without a subslogan