Subject Re: [Firebird-general] OT: Delphi versions.
Author Aage Johansen
Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
> ...
> I've never gave Delphi 8 and the final Delphi 2005 version a try. From
> reading the Borland newsgroups, Delphi 8 was a disaster and as Martijn
> has mentioned, a .NET development environment only. Delphi 2005 combines
> both Win32 and .NET development in one IDE. Opinions about Delphi 2005
> vary between "it's the biggest blast on earth" to "the IDE is extremely
> slow and crashes regularly".

Take a look at Borland's delphi.non-technical NG - lots of complaints and
some praise for D2005. IIRC, it seems that if you remove the
TOGETHER-stuff Delphi will be lots quicker and (more) stable.

> If there is no special demand for a specific feature, I would stick with
> Delphi 6.

We do (D6Enterprise). D7 and D8 haven't been used, D2005 probably will
be. .NET? Maybe. In the future. Maybe, if forced to...

Aage J.