Subject Re: [Firebird-general] OT: Delphi versions.
Author Nando Dessena

C> She still does't reply to me answering my questions. However, in advance I
C> would like to ask you if it makes sense to go beyond D6. For what I see,
C> there are much more third party components updated to work with D6 than with
C> D7 and worse, going to D8 doesn't seem to be necessary. Alicia is asking if
C> I know D2005. Nope.

Delphi 7 is a fatter, heavier D6 with some bells and whistles added in
the form of additional packages (IntraWeb, Rave...) and much better
IDE support for project groups (Delphi's makefiles) and packages. I am
using mostly D7 exactly for that reason. It has to be said that the D7
compiler is slightly better (slightly faster and on average produces
slightly more compact code), but the average Delphi developer couldn't
care less. Finally, you're gonna get big troubles if you want to do
SOAP in D6 or D7 < UP1. If there's not a chance to step into these
holes, I'd stick with D7, especially on lower-end development
machines. But it is absolutely required to apply all relevant update

Nando Dessena