Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird - 1 year later
Author Fabricio Araujo
On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 11:51:28 -0000, donjules2k wrote:

>I have been using firebird for a year now (hence I still consider
>myself a beginner with it) having come from using MySQL and SQL Server
>(both of which I still use). I started using firebird due to it's free
>license and the fact that it offered so much more than MySQL for so
>much less money that SQL Server. It seemed to strike a nice balance
>and a year on I am very happy with it. At the start it was hard not
>having things I was used to (e.g. Temp Tables) but invariably with
>most of my problems I found the firebird way of doing things. I do
>however feel there are two major things missing:
>1) Security
>There really needs to be a way to provide security on the database
>file level rather than the server level. It is to easy for someone to
>take the database and just look at it. For now, I have used firebird
>in a hosted environment where only I have access to the DB, everyone
>else is required to go throught the application to reach the data in
>the database. However, I don't think I could use it anywhere else
>untill there was a stronger security model.
>I have considered running it for web hosting but (and do correct me if
>I'm wrong) I can't see a way of securly setting up the server so each
>host account would have access to it's own database alone.
>It is also worrying to think that copying a database from one machine
>to another will allow anyone to login if SYSDBA has access to the db.
>Even then, you can open the db file and figure out an account to
>recreate that has SYSDBA privs.

There is no difference from MS SQL here. If I have the mdf and ldf,
I have the DB!!! I don't know MySQL, but MSSQL I can assure you
is no better in file level security. As a skilled MSSQL DBA (more a
practical than teoretical learning) for 3 years I can assure you that
if you have how to access the MDF and LDF files, it will no better
than FB (I think will be a little nuisance if you create a lot of
loginson original server, but nothing which a skilled and experienced
veloper cannot solve in less of 5 minutes - but it's MSSQL bug not
a security feature... ;-) )