Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird - 1 year later
Author Artur Anjos
donjules2k wrote:

>I have been using firebird for a year now (hence I still consider
>myself a beginner with it) having come from using MySQL and SQL Server
>(both of which I still use). I started using firebird due to it's free
>license and the fact that it offered so much more than MySQL for so
>much less money that SQL Server.
Can you share your experience from moving from SQL Server to Firebird,
regardless the price?
This could be a very valuable information to newcomers.
Tell us about final results: what it was with SQL Server and what it is
now with Firebird.

>I do
>however feel there are two major things missing:
>1) Security
>There really needs to be a way to provide security on the database
>file level rather than the server level.
Yes, for some applications this is really something that we miss. You
will find this feature implemented in Firebird in a near future.

>I have considered running it for web hosting but (and do correct me if
>I'm wrong) I can't see a way of securly setting up the server so each
>host account would have access to it's own database alone.
Professional Firebird Hosting services, <pub> such as </pub>, have a lot of different ways to
achieve this. One possibility is to not allow end users to have sysdba
password and use Aliases. Some operations that require SYSDBA are
provided by the hosting service to the end user. Another possibility
it's to have diferent instances of Firebird for each user. Each case is
a case, but this is just to let you know that are alternatives.

>2) Publicity / Marketing / Support
>I truly honestly believe that MySQL has reached the size and fame that
>it has not because it is open source but the marketing and support
>behind it.
Sure. And you can help us in Connect!

>If you want to use MySQL commercially then you have to buy
>a license (unless you GPL your app), this provides them funding to
>then grow. Likewise, larger coprations will take on MySQL as they can
>buy extra support and peace of mind. Does firebird offer such things?
Yes. We are working on a way that you can easily search for independent
consultants and companies that provide firebird support all over the
world. This should be available online in a near future, on our web site.

>I know that a large company who turns over hunderd of thousands would
>rather pay a small sum for MySQL than risk firebird or postresql for
>that matter.
Paying licences to MySQL does not provide them free support. This is
just the licence cost.
Big Companies need to feel confortable to do the move, and this means 1)
Support and 2) Evolution.
I think that 1) will be fixed as soon as we have the pages online, and
for 2) the FirebirdSQL Foundation brings the answer to stability.

>These are just my (naive) thoughts and was hoping for some feedback
>and possibly some clarifications on matters of which I mostly like am
>wrong about.
Not naive at all !