Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Firebird - 1 year later
Author Paul Beach
> > 1) Security
> > There really needs to be a way to provide security on the
> > database file level rather than the server level.
> If you think you are getting any better security from other
> products, think again. Firebird may make the file level
> security issues more obvious than others but that is all.

There are a number of security updates due in 2.0, have you read the
alpha release notes?

> > 2) Publicity / Marketing / Support

We could and probably should do as much marketing as MySQL, but unlike
MySQL nobody makes any money off of commercial licenses, so any money that
either the Firebird Foundation makes via donations is ploughed back into
critical things like development whilst IBPhoenix staffers work on installs
QA, development, bug fixing and docs. I am afraid the point I am making is
that there isn't superfluous money around that could be spent on "marketing".
instead we rely on our own contacts, and the time and efforts of people
like Artur to get the message out.

BTW MySQL has/had $70m of VC funding in the bank when I last talked to
Martin Mickos, Firebird doesn't have any VC funding and I suspect we
have significantly less money in both the Foundations coffers and
the IBPhoenix coffers. (it probably doesn't add up to $70k)

So other than connect and individual efforts what would you have us do?
I can't afford to hire marketing people or pay for PR.

The project grows organically by word of mouth. At some point it
may hit a turning point that allows such wonderful things like marketing
to happen (I would still prefer to pay for developers, doc writers, QA etc)
but until then....