Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Only second
Author marius popa
Mpu Gondrong wrote:
> Minggu, 06/02/2005 18:53:09, Paul menulis:
> PV> Not as much as that. Last year there were 1111 votes. MySQL "won"
> PV> with 405, Firebird was runner-up with 403. What's disappointing is
> Win is win, why didn't you accept that? I've seen many talking about
> MySQL, news, votes, polls, etc..., in Firebird list, showing Firebird
> is 'good enough for everyone'. Is it that important?
> I'm using both MySQL and Firebird, and I WILL vote for MySQL, but I
> didn't, because I don't know and care about votes.

We should care to be first - that is the target no more no less:

"first/best open source database" also we should be better than
proprietary databases too :)

If you target to be lower than that you can't win , yes i'm dreaming
about "world domination" ;) inspired by linux one

"Alessandro: Bruce Perens claims "world domination: 2003"; is that
realistic? In your opinion, will the concept of free software gain
polularity in the mass market? In this respect, what's your opinion
about the move of Netscape Corp.?

Linus: The "World Domination" thing is obviously always a bit
tongue-in-cheek, but I think that yes, a five-year timeframe for the
free software movement and Linux to make a major noticeable impact is
not at all unrealistic. The Netscape open source thing is one of the
first indications of this, and I think we'll see others doing similar


Marius - database world domination [in progress...]