Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Well, disaster just struck...
Author Martijn Tonies
> > Don't worry.
> > The Firebird Foundation will be happy to full fill any request of our
> > biggest Bamsemums client.
> Heck, if Martijn is still paying the same amount as he paid at last
> year's conference, then I could start a lucrative business just selling
> Martijn Bamsemums from here in Canada.
> Heck, for the price he paid, I would be happy to fly over and deliver
> them personally. (Minimum order is 10 bags).
> ;-)))

Somehow, Arturs business proposal sounds more interesting than
yours Sean :-D

I have plenty of room for lots of Bamsemums, they could go in the
spare bedroom... but that would mean there's no place for you to
stay except for the pantry (which is where the Bamsemums are now).

So ... this plan needs refinement.