Subject Re: [OT] Well, disaster just struck...
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hmmm, I don't remember the amount from last years' conference. This
year he got away with a mere 38 euro for the bag, just marginally more
than what it cost me (31, albeit kroner, not euro).

This year, the most attractive items compared to their original costs
were a cockoo clock (300 euro, though I doubt there is a market for
those) and some other Norwegian goodies for which Martijn bid 50 euro.
However, his employee Thomas bid 51 euro before finally getting his
Gjendekjeks with chocolate for 52 euro (Lucas is a good auctioneer, he
got Thomas to bid over his own bid). Though wait a few months before
starting a Gjendekjeks business in Salzburg, Thomas made me bring 31
bags (just over 6 kiloes) to the conference (I have a nice photo of
Sabine taking a look at the box). Provided they do sell those cookies
at the airport of Oslo, he could buy a cheap plane ticket
Salzburg-Oslo, buy one bag of cookies here and return to Salzburg for
a few eurocents more than the prize he paid at the conference (the
cheapest return ticket costs 50 euro, and Gjendekjeks from about 18
NOK - which is just over 2 euro). I wonder how many of those 32 bags
are still in a Salzburg cellar, and what will happen when running out
of them.


--- In, "Leyne, Sean" wrote:
> > Don't worry.
> > The Firebird Foundation will be happy to full fill any request of
> > our biggest Bamsemums client.
> Heck, if Martijn is still paying the same amount as he paid at last
> year's conference, then I could start a lucrative business just
> selling Martijn Bamsemums from here in Canada.
> Heck, for the price he paid, I would be happy to fly over and
> deliver them personally. (Minimum order is 10 bags).
> ;-)))
> Sean