Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Free/Open Source DB round-up on
Author marius popa
On 12/9/05, Dariusz Zelichowski <z_darius@...> wrote:
> From what I have seen in this thread so far, I am prettymuch isolated in where I put the weight on various elements of that article. I'm not really sure whether the number of employees is 15 or 14 1/2 is so important. Neither does it seem important what the legal nitty gritty details of their employment are. What struck me in the article are these:
> Weak points: The recent addition of enterprise features may need more testing before considered mature.
> Firebird:
> Strong points: A very mature database requiring minimal administration
> Weak points: Needs better public relations
> And yet MySQL is winning hands down. The "less mature database" is the talk of town. Firebird is largely unkonown.
> In my mind the conclusion is pretty obvious: Firebird needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Seems to me that Firebird PR should no longer be an afterthought. It is a critical part for the whole Firebrd community and for the project itself.

I agree with you and I'm not the only one who knows we need to create
more "buzz"
I have said many times what are the methods , You can start with small things:
blog , spread firebird logo on your site ... (search in the list
archive for all the ideas)

"Firebird is a very impressive DB and could easily gain market share
if those who develop it tried harder to create a buzz about it. It is
free, has paid support if you want it, has many years development
behind it, is light in resource usage, is cross-platform and has had
many features for years (such as stored procs) which MySQL only
recently gained. One to watch."