Subject Free/Open Source DB round-up on
Author Scott Morgan
Gives a general overview of why OSS DBs are becoming very important in
the market, highlighting the recent MySQL vs Oracle InnoDB mess as an
example. FB gets a mention in the round-up.

Date established: 1984
Number of employees: 15
Latest release: Firebird 1.5.3, released in July
Strong points: A very mature database requiring minimal administration,
full-featured SQL ACID-compliant database engine that implements most of
the SQL-99 standard. Compiere module runs Oracle PL/SQL code, highly
portable, available in three sizes: classic, superserver and embedded,
supports databases that can span multiple files with a theoretical limit
of 64 terrabytes for a single-file database.
Weak points: Needs better public relations
Executive quote: Ann Harrison, CTO, "Our current focus is targeting
application developers creating applications for resale. We think this
is an area not well served by MySQL because of their GPL, and not well
served by postgres because it is not designed to be installed transparently"
Recent news: Very successful conference in Prague, prepping the V2.0 Beta