Subject Re: Free/Open Source DB round-up on
Author paulruizendaal
> Me. I tried to explain that IBPhoenix and Firebird were different,
> but that didn't sink in. The employees number, specifically, does
> count people with grants as employees - which they are in the sense
> that they do work and get paid. Believe it or not, having some
> employees makes a product seem more solid to corporate types who
> are thinking about moving to it.
> As for the date - well, yes, I did give the start date of the code
> base rather than the start date of the project.

Acutally, Ann, the more I think about it, the more enthusiastic I get
about the data given in the write-up. Al the "facts" are defensible in
some way, and the write-up indeed positions Firebird as a very solid
player in the "market".

From my perspective, is is a job "well done".