Subject Re: Postgres!
Author webreyman
> What's "ordms"? Object Relational mapping stuff?

I am new to it too. General idea is OR mapping is not an ideal
solution and the objects really belong in the database. ORDMS allow
you to create your own complex data types such as the address data
type. Very convenient and you can query simpler.

Another great advantage is you can inherit tables.

> Custom/more advanced Procedural languages are pretty nice.
> It might be that Firebird 2 or 2.5 has a Java stored procedure
> language... Don't pin me down on it though ;-)

Well! I really wish it does. I really like Python but Java is good
enough for me. Postgres Python support is not perfect yet.

> > Earlier Firebird was a clear winner for me on Windows so far.
> Well, it's available NOW, unlike PGSQL -> beta!

Yup! Stability is oddly not high on my list though. So I can live with it.