Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Postgres!
Author Martijn Tonies

> As pointed earlier in this group, Postgres 8 is now going to be a
> Windows native app. I tried the beta. It was a pain before but now it
> is breeze. I am more concerned about features than performance and I
> see several advatages in it right away (ORDMS and PL/Python are the
> most important ones for me).

What's "ordms"? Object Relational mapping stuff?

Custom/more advanced Procedural languages are pretty nice.
It might be that Firebird 2 or 2.5 has a Java stored procedure
language... Don't pin me down on it though ;-)

> Earlier Firebird was a clear winner for me on Windows so far.

Well, it's available NOW, unlike PGSQL -> beta!

> Now my
> question is what are the features that still keep Firebird ahead of
> Postgres. Non NTFS support is one thing. I Anything else?

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