Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Article / Philip Copeman
Author Martijn Tonies

> Mm i gess im happy Johan van Zyl showed me this site.
> Its now 1.40 pm and i just ported the MYSQL Turbocash database
> version to firebird and set the right propertys to the ZEOS
> components. It ran and then... I saw the Data was not imported. I wil
> need to write a pump my self for the data but i think that wil be

Don't bother - there are plenty of tools that already do that.

Have a look at Database Workbench:

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Martijn Tonies
Database Workbench - developer tool for InterBase, Firebird, MySQL & MS SQL
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> easy. So just give me a view days and i wil produce a (verry
> unstable ) version of TC for Firebird. The best thing about the ZEOS
> is that it does not matter what database we use. But if we are going
> to port the current code it wil be nice to first support Firebird.