Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Article / Philip Copeman
Author Lester Caine
delphidreamer wrote:

> Mm i gess im happy Johan van Zyl showed me this site.
> Its now 1.40 pm and i just ported the MYSQL Turbocash database
> version to firebird and set the right propertys to the ZEOS
> components. It ran and then... I saw the Data was not imported. I wil
> need to write a pump my self for the data but i think that wil be
> easy. So just give me a view days and i wil produce a (verry
> unstable ) version of TC for Firebird. The best thing about the ZEOS
> is that it does not matter what database we use. But if we are going
> to port the current code it wil be nice to first support Firebird.

All of my systems started in dBase, using BDE, but rapidly switched to
dBase under Codebase because of the 'problems' with dBase. When I needed
to go multi user client/server, Codebase offered a path - at a price,
but Interbase had JUST appeared in the Borland fold, so it was back to
BDE ( Never do learn :) ). After several attempts at making Interbase
and BDE work, I finally switched to IBObjects and like magic everything
started to drop into place. The final piece was The first release of
Firebird and we were in 24/7 mode and happy.

NOW that Borland have dropped Builder6 ( until they change their minds
again ;) ) I have been moving over to PHP, and all of the systems run in
parallel legacy application and web based. Being able to build functions
into the database really does work as MySQL know, but have yet to
achieve, and converting non standard MySQL data fields back to standard
SQL is equally a pig ( try to make ENUM multi-lingual ;) ).

I am very happy that I never got distracted and Firebird provides all my
needs - whatever the level of target customer.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services