Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: XML / Philip Copeman
Author marius popa
Javier Soques wrote:
> I am a VB programmer and I´m trying to look for an alternative (Open
> Source) for creating Windows applications so I´ve decided to learn
> freepascal (with Lazarus Win32 port IDE Delphi clone). Have any of
> you tried this with Firebird? If TurboCash is Open Source they
> should also try to port it to freepascal.

There are components for freepascal you need to recompile the ide (to be
included on component bar)

Also i have ported freeib components to freepascal and somehow works
(alpha stage)
one example (pre-alpha project :))

other options :
"UIB now working with FreePascal Compiler v1.1 (win32 & Linux) and
Lazarus IDE (Linux Only). "

ps: so there are many options to work with firebird in freepascal
(lazarus) and if you need to talk join lazarus mailing list