Subject Fw: Some REALLY good things to think about
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
It may be OT even for this forum, but anyway:

"Steve Gibson" wrote in message
> Everyone,
> This link crossed my desk while I was impatiently trying to
> get through a large backlog of eMail. Though I didn't want
> it to, it stopped me cold ...
> This is a piece by Tim O'Reilly, the prolific publisher of
> computer-related books, holder of conferences, and person who has
> become a respected pundit because in so many ways he "gets it".
> If you're in a hurry, this page is not for you. But there are
> SO MANY REALLY GOOD THINGS in this piece -- about the past, Open
> Source software, where we are, what it means, and the future --
> that I couldn't even excerpt a piece from it without doing a
> disservice to all the rest. I recommend this piece most highly.
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