Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: ISQL or other Command line utility for script execution
Author Ivan Prenosil
> I know it works. We use Dialect 1 only, so we did not bump into
> Dialect 3 problems yet. It's good to know though. But I do not think
> legally our customers can use WISQL with Firebird database. If You do
> not buy Interbase, You have no rights to use WISQL. I have not seen
> Interbase selling WISQL separately. WISQL went out of the scope since
> IB 6.0 and was replaced with IBConsole, which is absolutely different
> topic.

In fact, in the past Borland made WISQL freely downloadable
as part of IB6-open-source! The name of package was ""
(but no license is included in this zip file)