Subject Re: ISQL or other Command line utility for script execution
Author saulius_vabalas
> In fact WISQL works with dialect 1 FB databases perfectly, though
> recommend to don't try with dialect 3, it forces dialect 1 on
> connection level and can silently create wrong BLR in database.

I know it works. We use Dialect 1 only, so we did not bump into
Dialect 3 problems yet. It's good to know though. But I do not think
legally our customers can use WISQL with Firebird database. If You do
not buy Interbase, You have no rights to use WISQL. I have not seen
Interbase selling WISQL separately. WISQL went out of the scope since
IB 6.0 and was replaced with IBConsole, which is absolutely different
topic. That's why I'm looking into alternatives right now. I can't
believe everyone is still using WISQL or IBConsole to upgrade all
their customer base which is on Firebird databases.